SO REAL Digital Twins

What we do

Using our patented (pending) scanning and conversion technology,
SO REAL automates the production of digital twins of 3D objects.

We mass-produce cinematic-quality, game- / xR-ready 3D assets for use in games, films, and xR experiences.


Game- / VR-Ready Guarantee


Cinematic Quality


Huge, Growing Portfolio


Physics Parameters


Cool Features

Built-in Physics Parameters
X-Ray Vision Mode
Shatter Effect

We are hiring

Do you love the quote, "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."?

Come join us and together, we will create many “world’s first“ moments.  You will lead and take part in projects that change the way we interact with reality.

Why we do it


Immersion > Empathy > Understanding > Peace & Commerce

We are all about making the world smaller.

If you want to understand another language or culture (or any topic), the best way is to jump on a plane, go there, and fully immerse yourself in it. But what if you cannot do that? Or what if you choose not to in order to minimize your carbon footprint?

VR is the next best thing.
Immersion leads to empathy.
Empathy leads to understanding.
Understanding leads to peace. (and commerce, of course.)


By mass-producing cinematic-quality, VR- & game-ready 3D objects, we enable global access to immersive experiences and thus accelerate the journey to global understanding.



Artists and business people are the true ambassadors of the world.
Immerse as individuals.
Emerge together.

WOW! Effect

If it's not stunning, it's not finished.

(Samurai Code)


Walk the talk.


Improvisation. Collaboration.

“Yes, AND..." replaces "Yeah, but..."
And that's how great collaboration begins.


Fun is a worthy end in itself.

AND, it accelerates the speed of adoption of pretty much anything new.

What's in it for you

Zeichenfläche 1


The SO REAL Promise (USP)

Each SO REAL object:

  1. is game- / xR-ready.
  2. is of cinematic quality, (but we can make them more cartoony if you'd like).
  3. has astonishingly precise topology.
  4. has the physics parameters already built in.
  5. has optional cool features not available anywhere else:
    • Superman X-Ray Vision Mode built in. (Yes, you can look inside the objects!)
    • Shatter Effect. (precalculated shatter points and shards)

SO REAL's proprietary automation technology reduces production time of 3D objects by orders of magnitude. As we can produce 100's of new objects per week, we deliver you never-ending VARIETY.




SO REAL has 2 stages of multipliers.

STAGE 1, the rocket booster:
With very little effort, we create 1000's of objects each of which can be sold 1000's of times.

STAGE 2, the afterburner:
After a few years, the SO REAL automation tool will be a robust, stable product of its own. By licensing it to 3rd parties, 1000's of 3D artists can also create 100's or even 1000's of 3D objects per year, each of which can be sold (by SO REAL) 1000's of times.

Who we are


The co-founders of SO REAL, Ian and Charles, have >50 years’ combined experience in intrapreneuring. Since 2003, they have worked together building up new businesses from concept to global rollout to scale-up. The common threads running through all these new businesses were cross-industry convergence and radical innovation. Ian and Charles connected seemingly isolated dots, inserted catalysts, formed coalitions, then built businesses out of the resulting chain reactions. SO REAL AG is yet another venture born of this recipe for success.

They have led multinational teams and entire organizations both big and small; from 6 to 250 people. They live for the thrill of connecting cultures and breaking down borders. Having spent so much time in these places, they now feel at home in the USA, China, Israel, Germany, Italy, Japan and Sweden, just to name a few countries.


Ian Ravenshaw Bland

Co-Founder and CEO


Charles Flükiger

Co-Founder, COO, and Chairman


Raffael Dickreuter

Business Development Manager: Film and AR


Urs Schumacher

Head of Software Development

Tamara Aebersold

Tamara Aebersold

Head of Logistics


Kelly Vero

Head of Game Development



Dr. Simon Schubiger


Dr. Christian Kunz


Claude Flükiger


Max Sacker



Charles Flükiger

Co-Founder, COO, and Chairman


Ian Ravenshaw Bland

Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of Business Development


Peter Stähli

Member of the Board.


Collaboration partners


Well-known in the industry as the golden standard of photorealism, Another World VR lives at the convergence of art and technology. Among the pioneers of the medium, blending narrative storytelling, cinematic aesthetics, and immersive gaming interactivity, their ruthless commitment to perfection requires pushing the limits of technology. To this end they are constantly experimenting with the latest developments, making them an ideal partner.

AWVR's results speak for themselves. Their most recent, self-produced VR experience was selected for competition at several major film festivals, including the 75th Venice International Film Festival (Venice VR) and Raindance. Their repeat clients for commercial projects include Deutsche Bahn and Microsoft.


The development of the automation for creating digital twins requires the convergence of many disciplines: physics, computer graphics, procedural modelling, and human-machine interaction, just to name a few. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) has this expertise under one roof and has a long-standing track record of successful collaboration with industry partners in cutting edge innovation projects. Its Institute for Interactive Technologies (IIT) has pioneered many technological developments in and beyond Switzerland. IIT projects and members have been recognized with various awards, including a Tech-Oscar nomination, Best of Swiss Web Award (2017), and often receive media attention.


Innosuisse’s mission is to promote science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland. Providing know-how, a strong network, and resources, Innosuisse has helped SO REAL tremendously. We are in their Startup Coaching program and Innosuisse provided part of the funding for our feasibility studies.

In Q1 2020, we will kick off an Innosuisse project with research partner FHNW Institute for Interactive Technologies.


Founded in 1988, P&TS is the winner of the 2018 Patent Law Firm of the Year in Switzerland Award. In 2004, they decided focus on the start-up market, a risky move because of the complex technologies associated with start-ups and, frankly, the lack of funds. However it is where their services are most needed. Then the country’s specialised schools and Federal Institutes of Technology were instructed to focus on technology transfer. So, the strategy paid off. P&TS emerged as THE key partner.

As with SO REAL, innovation is in their DNA. As their attorneys have technical backgrounds, they understand complex, multidisciplinary concepts instantly. They are world-class brainstormers and together, we are able to find brilliant, inventive paths into the frontier.


SO REAL Digital Twins AG

Bogenschützenstrasse 9A
3008 Bern


SEED-ROUND closed!

03 Feb 2020

It’s now official! We are proud to announce the start of the age of sorealism and the beginning of twinning. On 30 JAN 2020 in Bern, we closed the seed round. WE HAVE OUR SEED-FUNDING! Huge thanks and gratitude go out to all of you who made this possible. You’d be scrolling down forever if…

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SO REAL objects in AR

10 Dec 2019

SO REAL objects look great, yet are still “light” enough to run in AR apps. Here is the expanded view of a plastic screw with a ball & spring inside it. Our scanning method gives you both the outside and inside of every object.  We can fly through the wall and see the inside.  Check…

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Innosuisse project approved!

02 Dec 2019

Innosuisse has been a tremendous help in the development of SO REAL over the past 13 months.  First with startup Initial Coaching, then with an “Innocheque”, then with startup Core Coaching.  This past Monday, 02 DEC, we received wonderful news from them.  Innosuisse approved our application for a development project!  The research partner will be…

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Terminator, Iron Man and the Swarovski Tree

29 Nov 2019

Swarovski put some very interesting ornaments on their famous tree in the Christmas Market at Zürich main station. Our Creative Director, Raffael, worked on the film Terminator years ago and ended up with the original prop of the Terminator Model T-800 head.  In honor of the release of Terminator: Dark Fate, we thought it would…

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GDC 2020!

18 Nov 2019

We are absolutely THRILLED to be part of the SwissGames delegation to GDC 2020! Here is the official press release.

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06 Nov 2019

We were honored to be invited by Virtual Switzerland to take part in a panel on the topic of CONTENT CREATION at Tech Day at the 25th Geneva International Film Festival. The panel was hosted by Kent Bye, the producer of Voice of VR podcasts and a true pioneer and deep thinker in every sense…

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European patent filed

28 Aug 2019

With the support of Innosuisse and after months of investigation by the team at P&TS, on 28 AUG 2019, SO REAL filed a broad application patent on the use of our method for the creation of 3D objects. After closing the seed-round, we will take it international.

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SO REAL object in VR

10 Apr 2019

This is real…   This is NOT real.  It’s SO REAL!     This alarm clock was the first object in the world ever to be “twinned” using the patented (pending) SO REAL method.  The brilliant and talented artists at Another World VR put it into a VR experience in which one can throw it…

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