Terminator, Iron Man and the Swarovski Tree

29 Nov 2019

Swarovski put some very interesting ornaments on their famous tree in the Christmas Market at Zürich main station.

Our Creative Director, Raffael, worked on the film Terminator years ago and ended up with the original prop of the Terminator Model T-800 head.  In honor of the release of Terminator: Dark Fate, we thought it would be fun to “twin” the props.  So we did.

Raffael worked on Iron Man as well.  So, we twinned Iron Man’s helmet as well.  Another interesting ornament.

The pro’s who have checked out the 3D models so far have marveled at the topology.  This did not surprise us as with our scanning technology, we see everything, inside and out.  Every scratch, every dent.  Every dimension precise.

This shows that the models both look great and are “light” enough to run on AR apps.  This next shot was made using Instagram AR.

The Terminator model is available on TurboSquid.